it’s a Peagreen vintage jelly mould candle giveaway…..

Candle giveaway

I’m excitedly planning my first candle giveaway here at Peagreen HQ and the lucky winner will be chosen at random from all my facebook likers who share the “giveaway” post on their wall and all the readers of this ‘ere blog who add a link to Peagreen on their own blog or simply leave me a lovely comment…..

Jelly moulds on shelf

On April 1st I will notify the winner and send them (free UK P&P) a gorgeous vintage one pint jelly mould (rrp £20) made to order in a scent of their choice…..easy peasy!

this week I have been mostly making candles…

…..and I had forgotten how time consuming it is!  I now have 8 full crates ready to take to Tavistock (Devon) Vintage Fair on Saturday, an order of 10 jelly moulds packed up and ready to go to Berkshire, and I’m a quarter of the way through my order for Paul Burrell. I even managed a Saturday morning walk in the sun with PP (poor Pauly)


Just look at that lovely blue sky… where’s it gone?


This is the beach at the end of my road – how lucky am I? I just need to remind myself to get down there once in a while…..

I have been getting to grips with my izettle, it all seems very simple but I’m sure I’ll manage to mess something up when I have to use it to take an actual credit card payment.


I did a swap with lovely Fee from Chipper Nelly who took a candle rather than payment for some baby boy blocks she made for my friend Nikki.  As she has just finished a bathroom make-over at her house and used some gorgeous Pip Studio wallpaper, I bought a Pip Studio sugar bowl from John Lewis and filled it with a relaxing Lavender & Sage candle (she’s just messaged me on facebook to say that she loves it – phew! – breathes sigh of relief). Another great swap I did with Trixie Hewlett was for a fab 1950s lamp, she in turn had 6 of my jam-jar candles. The lamp looks perfect on my G plan desk!


This morning I received another order from Claire (Good Golly Miss Molly) for some candles in vintage trio’s so I really should go and do some work!

But can I just say that one of the best things about life at the mo is that I’m back in touch with my best mate Shazza who I met aged eleven as she got off a bus in Beaconsfield. As a girl with lots of brothers she really was like a sister to me as we went through the highs (and lows) of growing up, drinking, dating, clubbing & flat sharing in Kentish Town (blimey – so long ago!). Anyway for one reason or another we lost touch when I moved to Devon in 2006 but 2012 saw us sorting it out & now we chat away on the phone as though time stood still for 6 years – it’s never too late to look someone up and so, so worth it….

Sam x

ipads, sewing machines and brain-cells…..

……or lack of them in my case!

I refer to my recent purchase of an ipad in order to be able to plug in my izettle which will enable me to take credit card payments during a fair. This issue comes up much more regularly than in the past, especially as people tend not to carry cheque books anymore. This great little gadget is £19.99 and needs an iphone, ipad or a more up to date version of an android phone than mine, to turn it into a credit card machine – genius! Due to my failing eyesight an ipad was the obvious choice.

“It’s idiot-proof” claimed my other half (maybe so for the youth of today, who don’t consume their own weight in red wine every night!?) for me, of course, it’s a different matter entirely!

And to top off my feelings of inadequacy I decided to dig out of its box the sewing machine which my Mum bought me for me birthday (July 2012) also supposed to be simple – yeah right!

Just look at all that stuff above the dial….I don’t have a degree in ancient Egyptian (will keep you posted on progress – or lack of it) I have also booked myself onto The Craft Hub lampshade making workshop in March, something I have always wanted to learn how to do but may be an aspiration too far judging by this weeks failures!

I found this in a charity shop for £7 (bargain!) “all the gear – no idea” as my neighbour would say! Anyway, I cleaned it out and hope one day to be able to put it to good use…

I have two big orders on the go at the moment, one from Paul Burrell no less, who has a flower and gift shop in Cheshire. He bought a couple of candles from me at The Exeter Cathedral Flower Festival last summer (I have to confess, I didn’t know who he was & was chatting away, boring him to tears no doubt) He seemed like a nice chap to me and got in touch to say that he loved my candles and has ordered 20 for his shop – quite exciting me thinks!

I’ve been stocking up on pastels for Spring, mixing up some of my own scents (Apricot & Orange, Bergamot, Geranium & Orange) and booking some of the best vintage fairs for 2013. The Vintage Trading Co. in Marsh Barton is proving to be a great place to pick up reasonably priced vintage and meet customers to do candle drop-offs (and pick up jelly moulds – thank you Delia & Karen!)

I’m really looking forward to my first fair of 2013 in Tavistock on Saturday 9th Feb in The Town Hall (above the pannier market) hope to see you there x

Keeping some Christmas….

…it is a source of amusement in our house that each Christmas, Mum (that’s me!) leaves something displayed that she can’t quite bear to pack away. In previous years it has been strings of fairy lights, a giant wreath (which I have managed to sguidge – is this a word? – my Kirsty Elson tree decorations into this year)

Hmmm…pic looks a little blurry, oh well. This time it is a white wreath which remains hanging on the lounge wall…I think I can get away with it don’t you?

and some red berry lights which are draped over a mirror in the dining room (the mirror hides a huge hole waiting for a log burner – when we find some dosh!)

in twenty years time the house will be permanently decorated for Christmas! Heehee! My lovely pal Helene got me this vintage towel for Christmas (from a Chazza of course) for the princely sum of £1.49 (she told me the price as she knew I would get as much pleasure from the bargain as the gift itself!) It was in it’s original, faded Christy packaging & must have been loitering in someones bottom drawer for 60 years!

I have just excitedly ripped open another package from the talented Fee (Chipper Nelly) but can’t post pic as it’s a pressie for my mate Nikki, who has just had her first baby (Harvey) & I’m not sure whether or not she reads my blog…don’t want to ruin the surprise…pic to follow shortly. Congratulations Nikki & David (just in case). Candle orders are coming in thick and fast and I am booking a few fairs for 2013, my first one is Tavistock Vintage & Textile Fair on Feb 9th followed by The Vintage Bazaar at Devizes on March 2nd and “All things Vintage & lovely” at The Palace Hotel, Torquay on March 16th.

I have managed to get my cupboard painted, add to my collection of pickled onion jars and find a pair of 1960’s white cats (chazza bargain…99p each!) and it’s only January 11th. Get me! So nice to be feeling well again after 3 months of sickness, I’m ready to conquer the world, well…maybe not the world, think I’ll start with my house!

Ending on a sad note I have just had word that the (wonderful) Craft Hub is no more…..boohoo…….(feeling like middle onion) I’ll miss the lovely Pip & Han and big respect to them for raising the profile of many talented crafters in the South West, thank you ladies x

The Biotic Woman….

…..had to steal that from my friend Ben who called me it when I told him that I was on my 3rd course of anti-biotics! Haha!

Feeling so much better than I have done since the beginning of October, my little cold turned into a chest infection, which turned into sinusitis, which basically ended up as chronic sinusitis as the anti-biotics failed to work. My 3rd course were a load of huge white tablets, three times a day, plus decongestant, ibuprofen and steroid nasal spray! Nice! Last tablet tomorrow morning so fingers crossed for me as Christmas quickly approaches…..

Through my snotty haze I have managed to see Mumford & Sons (in Torquay of all places) Florence and the Machine (at Westpoint in Exeter) all down to my lovely friend Lucy who sent me free tickets to both. I took my girls to see Florence (& a few friends) it was great to see them bopping around, singing along – it’s just a shame it took us an hour to get out of the car park (well – field) at the end….worth it though!

I’ve managed (with a lot of coughing) to do all my fairs this Christmas (4 in Nov & 7 in Dec) the Craft Hub fair at The Castle in Exeter was brilliant. It was the busiest day I have had – ever! I nearly sold out of candles! Fortunately I had taken my trusty assistant (& great pal) Helene, who held the fort – especially as I had a surprise visit from a London friend who was down in Devon for the weekend and managed to drop by (lovely to see you both Val & Deb’s)

I had a stall next to the talented Kirsty Elson (been next to her before in Portscatho so we know each other) I had to buy this Christmas card holder, isn’t it fab?? You can’t really see  but there is a long string hanging down from the centre with a large red bell attached to the end so you can clip all your cards on, I love it!

I also ordered some gorgeous blocks from Fee at Chipper Nelly. I sent her an old book from a collection I have and she created these so I can use them as a decoration year after year. She must have tiny little fingers as she manages to work so intricately. We were messaging away on facebook like we were old friends, she’s a real sweetie – check out her blog….

Getting ready for Christmas in our house always involves a hug slab of Rocky Road so you can see that the prep for the big day is underway! I stupidly decided to start moving the house around as I wanted the tree to go in the bay window in the lounge…why oh why did I do this? So the rest of my week now includes painting a cupboard, putting up shelves and emptying boxes to add to everything else!

The tree is still on top of the car (been there since the school run yesterday!) and I am still in my PJ’s (it is only 9am) so I had better go and start crossing things from my list (a blog post was one of them so I’m not doing too badly am I…?) I might do another when I get the tree up. Thank you all for your support with my little business, I had the busiest Christmas yet with loads of regulars returning for candles & full of “peagreen” praise, it was heart warming, not to mention inspiring. I love what I do and have let it grow slowly and naturally over the past 3 years. I’m thrilled that it is pretty much a full-time job now and is encouraging people to reuse old things in a way that maybe they wouldn’t have considered in the past……

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone

Sam x

Sick of being sick!

AAaarrggghhhh….my busiest time of year and I’m sick of being sick! At least I work at home and have been able to potter around making candles (at a greatly reduced pace though!)

You may remember that I did some candles in unwanted Cath Kidston stuff that I had hanging around the house, well they are back for Christmas by popular demand (more pix on my facebook page) I have been cracking on with my orders….

These are for my postie who knocked with parcels the other day while I was making creme brulee candles…”what are you cooking?” he asked and then ordered four! Bless him.

I have been messing around with candles in 1950’s pottery, as vintage teacup candles seem to be popping up everywhere now and I don’t like to be doing the same as everyone else (unlike some people in Birmingham I could mention!) The trouble with programmes like Kirstie & her vintage home, is that things become more expensive and increasingly difficult to source. I am fortunate to have lots of vintage contacts now though, having been doing the shows for the last few years. They often let me know if they have jelly moulds etc. Don’t think I could survive without them now! Thanks gals!

My lovely friend Emma is organising this Christmas Craft Fair in North Devon on 29th November, it is in the Carriage House of a friends property and sounds lush (haven’t seen it yet) There will be various artists and makers, mulled wine and mince pies plus lots of festive goodies if you want to shop handmade and local this Christmas!

I have just found out that I am doing another local fair on the evening of November 27th, 7pm at The Crab Shack, Teignmouth (on the back beach by The Ship Inn) this is in aid of a fishermans charity. There will be lots of local goodies including driftwood & my candles…more info to follow..

I am in Portscatho on Sunday 10am – 3pm at The Memorial  Hall. This is always a fab day out run by the artist Jane Winton and Gertie, who runs the gorgeous shop “The Sea Garden” in Portscatho village. Free entry, great local crafts, vintage homewares and yummy cakes!

I’m getting quite excited about Christmas now and hoping I’ll be lurgy-free….. I made my Guinness Christmas pud during the week and have my Christmas cake fruit soaking in Cherry Brandy in the fridge – yum! Today I’m making Amaretto candles, the whole house stinks and it’s making me feel extremely hungry. I should be trying to shift a few pounds in the run-up to festive over indulgence but I’m too ill & have already nearly finished the jumbo tin of Celebrations I bought for the hol’s and told the kids to leave alone! Fortunately MadMen 5  dropped through the letter box the other day so I have had Don Draper etc. for company and I’m reading a great book “The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year” very encouraging, think I may take a leaf out of her book! Can’t wait for The Killing III on Saturday night too but for now I had better go and make some candles x

yuk….and candles!

I simply cannot believe that I am still feeling yukky and into my fifth week of this lurgy! Having downed nearly a whole bottle of Floradix and two tubes of Berocca, cancelled numerous “engagements” and hit the sack every night before 10pm it is still keeping me company! And it is unwanted company! At my most hectic time of year I have no energy and a comedy cough, thankfully I work from home and can plod around my kitchen in my pj’s fulfilling my candle orders or I would really be in a pickle!

I have dragged myself to the last couple of fairs that I had booked, Exminster Contemporary Craft Fair on October 27th was brilliant, vibrant and buzzing with a great atmosphere, loyal locals doing their Christmas shopping and a great cafe adjoining Victory Hall. Well done Kay and everyone involved.

Above is my stall at Tavistock Vintage & Textile Fair last Saturday with my new sign, made from an old Fisher Price farm which I glued scrabble letters on to – I think it’s quite effective don’t you? It was another really busy day at Tavi and I am now madly making again for Portscatho Homespun fair on November 18th.

I love these huge Victorian ceramic moulds, some of them hold up to two pints of wax and will keep the room feeling festive and scented for up to 150 hours – I think they are a bargain at £25 when you think what a tiny designer votive costs (£30-£40!!!) I don’t sell that many though and would appreciate your thoughts/feedback….


Since the “candle scandal” I have been blocked from my “friends” facebook page, where she is happily copying every single aspect of Peagreen and thinks that it’s acceptable, as she is “halfway up the country”.  Everyone obviously loves a scandal as I had 200 hits on my website that day and 3 big orders, heehee! Good luck to her and her lack of imagination! Speaking of orders I have just had one come in for 10 jelly moulds so must dash…and I feel a bowl of Heinz tomato soup coming on…

Still ill….

this week I have been mostly

a) Getting cross with this cold, which is into it’s third week…most annoying!

b) Having my artistic integrity compromised (by a so called friend who bought a load of candles from me then 2 months later decided to start her own candle business, pouring soya candles into vintage items such as jelly moulds!)

c) Sleeping (in an attempt to get rid of my cold)

d) Eating (no change there) in an attempt to get some energy from somewhere other than huge hits of caffeine from too strong black coffee!

e) Sulking – because “Revenge” has finished and I was loving it! Got to wait until 2013 for the next series….


f) Making candles – surprise, surprise!

I found these gorgeous old spice jars in a charity shop for 50p each – yay! My lovely Christmas ribbons arrived from The Netherlands…..

the picture is slightly blurred, sorry about that. And I have been making my jam-jar candles look a bit sexier. What do you think? They have not been on sale for a while whilst I devised a way to get the tags to stay on (they were tied on with string and kept falling off!) I think the operation was a success, with some nice 1950’s ribbon purchased at The Nostalgic Mix Fair in Totnes last weekend…

My next fair is on Saturday in Exminster, I haven’t done it before but it has been running for a while and is supposed to be a great day out… see you there?


yet again I have proved myself to be too old for the party lifestyle, having spent Friday night out in a bar in Teignmouth to see my friend’s band Bad Mojo – they were very good btw, and then had four couples for dinner on Saturday night (lovely – but the last guests left at 3am!) I have spent all week with a yukky cold, that’ll teach me!

Up to my eyes in orders and Christmas fairs this is not a good time to be feeling unwell & my poor friend (lovely Lucy) who drove all the way here on Wednesday for a 24 hour visit had to endure me slopping around in my p-j’s…not a good look!

Anyway, I have managed to get some crates full of Christmassy scented candles ready for the Vintage fair in Totnes tomorrow, complete an order of teacup candles for Claire at Good Golly Miss Molly in Exeter, to be delivered next week & have nearly finished a Christmas order for my friend Charlotte up in Scotland so don’t think I’ve done too badly considering….