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I have been having lots of requests to fill various items belonging to customers with candles.  I am more than happy to do this and think it is a fantastic way to give something a new life which otherwise has been locked away gathering dust & cannot be disposed of for sentimental reasons. I thought it would be helpful to have a price guide on my site. The costs are as follows:

2pt jelly mould £20

1½pts jelly mould £16

1pt jelly mould £14

½pt jelly mould £8

Jam jar £8

Teacup £8

Sugar bowl, jug, sundae, flower pot, trinket pot £6–10 depending on size.

I hope this is helpful. Bring your items along to any of the fairs or events I am attending or contact me via the website for P&P costs or free local delivery.

4 thoughts on “Refill service

  1. Bought 2 cups/saucers/plates @ cathedral today- forgot to ask whether the china can be used as china after the candles have been used???. many thanks. Ruth

    • Hi Ruth,
      the china should be fine to use again, that’s why I use soya wax as it washes out easily in hot soapy water. Let me know if any prob’s

  2. I have a pot that needs a candle refil but I will not be at any of the fairs you will be attending. I live in Torquay, is there any where or way I can reach you with the pot?

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