Jelly mould candles

Vintage jelly mould candles have become my ‘signature’. They are made with beautiful old jelly mould containers, and make excellent candles. Some are glass, some are aluminium, a rare few are even ceramic. All are a reminder of a past when homemade jelly was a special treat.

Each candle is made with 100% pure soya wax and has an extremely long burn time. When the candle is finished the mould can be washed out and used to make jelly, or to make another candle (see the candle filling service). This fits with my philosophy of trying to give a new lease of life to beautiful old objects, which can be used again and again.

The jelly mould candles are very popular and come is a full range of scents. The soya wax is also ‘clean’ so you don’t get all the smoke and mess you get with paraffin-based candles.

The wax melts so slowly you may have to tip some of it off when the wax pool gets too big. This stops the wick from drowning. Just remember to blow the candle out before you tip the wax away!

If you live in Devon then come along to one of the craft fairs so you can see the candles for yourself. If you live further afield then you can buy them online through Etsy.

3 thoughts on “Jelly mould candles

  1. These candles are gorgeous sumptuous classey and quirky. I have just bought a plethora of jelly moulds in the most tantalising evocative smells that are not over powering but unique to Peagreen, so much so I want to keep them for myself AND exceedingly brilliant value.

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