sock monsters….

Whilst perusing cool websites I came across an interior designer who also makes sock monsters.  Her blog is great and it’s where I read about the Exeter based craft co-operative “The Craft Hub“.  They run craft fairs in Exeter and do pub nights where various crafters teach other their skills.  Cr’after dark – fab name!  Anyway during October, the 20th I think, Kate is running a “how to make sock monsters” night. What do you think Nat?  Shall we go?  It’s only a fiver….

2 thoughts on “sock monsters….

  1. Sock monsters sounds cool, I’m in. Do I have to have to bring my own socks? Your Paignton comment has been noted! Great blog by the way.

    • Let’s do it then, think you just bring £5 and Kate provides the rest. Helene is up for it too, I’ll let them know we are coming – SOCKS AWAY

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