Why oh why…..

…..did I choose doing up old furniture as a job?  I currently have two chairs, recently painted pale blue, drying off in the middle of my kitchen.  A dresser, minus a door, which Ben is fixing at his place, also in the middle of the kitchen,  various boxes, candles and packaging lying around all over the place and I’m supposed to have everything all perfect and gorgeous looking for November 26th, when we are having our website photo shoot!

The Craft Hub Falling Leaves Fair went very well on October 30th.  I was really busy with my candles and everyone seemed interested in the fact that they are made with natural wax, which washes out, so I also plugged my refilling service and hope to have some takers soon (apart from my pals – thank you all for your support) I think it helped that I lit a gingerbread candle and had that burning away for the duration, making everyone hungry.  Can’t wait until the next Fair in Topsham on the 12th December and the next Cr’after Dark evening in Exeter, when we will be learning to crochet Christmas decorations, which no doubt I’ll be rubbish at!

Progress with the website has been very slow, mainly because people keep asking me to weird things like stand in as a dinner lady at my daughters primary school,  I did look quite fetching though, in my blue and white chefs apron! I will endeavour to get something into the “shop” before my next blog entry.  Speaking of dinner I had better go and make a start on ours……

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