Respect… find out what it means to me

Thank God it wasn’t raining like this the weekend of  the Exeter Respect Festival (4th & 5th June 2011) I’m not sure our gorgeous Cath Kidston gazebo would have held up!  Loaned to us by my wonderful pal Helene, it was the star of the show housing all out Craft Hub goodies which were for sale…..

From left to right: Hayley, Pip, Eleanor, Lucy, Hannah and me (wine in hand as usual!).

It was great fun, can’t believe I’ve lived here for 5 years and never been!  8.30am on the Saturday morning things weren’t looking too rosy, having done my back in lifting the gazebo into the car with my partner, I was in agony all the way to Exeter.  I then had to go on the scrounge for ibuprofen and paracetamol (thanks girls) and consequently spent most of the day sitting on my backside, until Kate arrived with the wine at 4pm and Pip produced some hardcore medication from her bag. Miraculously things started to look up!

On Tuesday night a few of us “Craft Hubbers” met up in Exeter to discuss the forthcoming Cathedral Green Craft Fair on July 1st and 2nd where five of us are representing The Craft Hub and sharing a stall.  Quite daunting for me as I’ve never done it before albeit a fantastic opportunity to market “peagreen”.

At Peagreen I have been working on a more affordable range of jelly moulds, in aluminium moulds which are smaller and lighter than the glass ones, so perfect for gifts as cheaper and lighter to post.  Soon to be added to the shop.

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