YAY – kids go back today and smugly I sit at my laptop, coffee in hand, with the lunches made and the washing machine spinning. I have  already packed one off on the early bus to Teignmouth (7.41am – aarghh) in an extremely tight, short skirt and how  grown up I was as I skilfully  managed to avoid having an argument with her about the insulated bag for her packed lunch, which has turned over the past 6 weeks into an object of embarrassment.  Instead everything had to be squeezed into a plastic box (cool I’m told) and wedged into her new “handbag” (£24.99 from River Island – all her own money) into which nothing fits!  Off she ran with her newly pierced ears sparkling in the sun and her straightened hair whipping around her face, oh to be 13…..  My 10 year old on the other hand, much easier, a quick flower clip in the hair and that’s it, she’s ready.  And I am the easiest of all, as I reach for the kettle I make an executive decision to stay in my PJ’s all day, maybe I’ll even pop back to bed………….

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