OMG it’s October already……..

lovely Lucy....

………and my pal, lovely Lucy, is coming to stay in a couple of weeks.  Having lost touch after years spent in each others pockets, clubbing (and other stuff which I won’t go into) we were sat on the same table at my friend Nikki’s wedding in July and you would never have known that we hadn’t seen each other for 20 years! Both still exactly the same, we chattered away for hours and have been catching up via email ever since.  She’ll be driving down the M4 next Friday and I can’t wait…I love it when things like that happen!

Six days to go until the Craft Hub Falling Leaves Fair and I have finally got my stock back up after a busy 2 days at The Exeter Cathedral Fair in July. Hours spent scouring charity shops and hunched over my laptop on ebay have paid off and I’ve been having lots of fun filling everything up with gorgeous autumnal scents!

We had the in-laws down at the weekend and a lazy time was had by all as we lounged around in the sun,  walked along Meadfoot beach and had drinks on the terrace of The Osborne Hotel whilst gazing at the beautiful view. The view wasn’t quite so good the following day as we lunched outside Pizza Express in Torquay,  but we were lucky enough to have good company, tasty food and scorching sunshine (not to mention a chilled glass of wine…..) so we weren’t complaining!


Grandad Roy at The Osborne Hotel

The Osborne Hotel, Torquay

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