R.I.P 2CV’s…….

The great thing about owning an old banger is that we get to visit The 2cv Workshop in Cornwall, a hospital for the iconic car, every time ours needs some bodywork (which is a lot!)  It’s a fantastic place owned by Graham, who is  a 2cv fanatic and works flat out on the cars 24/7. He’s such an honest chap that people are even sending them over from France to be renovated by him. You can have a complete overhaul: new roof, seats, respray, a brand new car basically. Unfortunately we are not in a position to do that, so a few hundred pounds down, off we trot with our next 12 months MOT, 4 new patches of welding & various other bits and bobs attended to.    

Dare I mention the “C” word which is approaching rapidly?  I have my first big fair on November 27th at The Imperial Hotel, Torquay and a little one in Topsham this Thursday for The Topsham Museum (not sure how busy that will be as I haven’t done it before). I’ve been busy making little candles for the “Beach Heart” ladies, who have designed some wooden holders for them. I haven’t seen the finished product yet but I’m sure they’ll look great and when my candles have finished you’ll be able to wash the remains out and use the holder with tea-lights instead.

Thanks to “Lovely Lucy” I have spent the past week listening to the new Florence CD (which is fantastic – and great candle making music!). I can’t say the same for the new “Wanted” CD, which she sent to the kids, I must be getting old…

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