computer companions….


This is Ethel and Gertie, they sit by my monitor and keep me company while I mess around on facebook, spotify, email, asos, ebay and various other random things which I like to call “work” !!! I don’t know why I ever considered myself capable of working from home when every year my school report said “Samantha is too easily distracted” no change there then! At least I was consistent.  Anyway, it’s too late now and with 21 fairs booked for 2012 so far I’d better start applying myself quite frankly!

My lovely pal Helene has just returned from Wales with loads of vintage glass goodies for me. Unfortunately for her the weather was crap, this however was fortunate for me as she sought refuge in the welcoming bosom of the local charity shops! I’ve got a bit of a thing for vintage coloured glass at the mo. and she managed to find loads. It looks great with candles in, especially “Key Lime Pie” in green cut glass vases, yum! Fall in love with your old tat all over again at Peagreen Furniture – that should be my strapline!

gorgeous glass...

I have finally got myself on Etsy this week, although I’ve only got jelly moulds in the shop at the moment I will endeavour to add my new line of vintage knickerbockerglory glasses (which burn for about 80 hours) A bargain at £10 me thinks! They hold half a pint of wax so you know what that means…..half a pint of ice cream when the candle has finished!

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