Half term heaven……

I just love not having to get up in the mornings don’t you? We are BIG on sleeping in our house and nobody has made it downstairs before 9am the last few days (I’m proud to say!) We had a lovely day yesterday walking from Totnes to Sharpham with our friends then back for a pub lunch at The Dartbridge Inn near Buckfastleigh. Valentines day is a bit of a non-event in our house but we managed a picnic at Mothecombe beach in the South Hamms and practically had our very own beach for the day! Of course I had to stop off in Modbury to check out the charity shop, where I found a beautiful old teaset and two jelly moulds – yippee! Last week in Torquay I found a really unusual Midwinter set with matt blue plates, in perfect condition (I’m thinking Hyacinth, Bluebells?)                                                          

Pip’s 40th party was fantastic, I have to admit that I actually enjoyed listening to the gypsy band and Paul managed to get through the evening without knocking anyone out..! We even toyed with the idea of attending The Greenman Festival in Wales in August (after meeting a cool couple called Matt & Sara who told us all about it) but it’s expensive and I’m not sure I can part with all that dosh to listen to folk and gypsy….? And now we’ve got something wrong with our septic tank which is going to cost a fortune! Priorities – such a bummer!


I have been asked to sell my candles at a charity bash on Feb 25th from 1-4pm at The Highweek Inn, Highweek Village, Newton Abbot so that is where I will be next, then The Coffee Rush, Shaldon on March 15th, then “All Things Vintage” at The Imperial on March 31st.




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