I fear that I’ve turned into one of those people who collects things…

I could justify jelly moulds (candles) vintage plates (cakestands) crates (display) fabric (to make things) but my “collections” are becoming more bizarre and less necessary like…boats

These are old lamps that I bought at an auction, I keep meaning to brush the dust off them and get them restored to their former glory but haven’t got around to it yet – it’s on my list


This was a birthday present from a talented lady in the village, it’s made from recycled pallets and driftwood that she found on the beach – I love it!

I just bought this wind-up toy from “retro-on-sea” a fantastic ebay shop which specialises in vintage things for beach huts and campervans, great for pressies but think I’ll keep this!

and…..I love old glasses with boats on them!

and….little wooden boats!

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