kitchen floor……what a bore!

In 2008 when we had a major extension and knock-through I decided it would be a good idea to paint the floorboards (all 30 square metres of them) white……yes, I don’t know what possessed me either, especially with 2 cats?! Anyway, they are now a kind of mud white so I thought I would just paint them mud colour and life would be so much easier!

It is going to be a very long job as three layers of chalk paint are required plus two coats of sealer, which needs a sand inbetween coats, oh well it’s not like I have other things I can be getting on with…???!!!  I’m off to Instow in the morning to do their Vintage Fair from 11am -4pm so thankfully not too early.  Sunday will be devoted to Olympic torch celebrations at our local with the kids in tow, silly games and all.  My next fair will be Tavistock Vintage on June 1st followed by Crikey on June 2nd then Shaldon on June 5th by which time I will need a few weeks off to recover & re-stock.  During the week I took another crate of candles to Honeysuckle Homes Interiors, reached 100 likes on my facebook business page, filled up my “roses” and “mandarin & mimosa” crates and managed a run and a swim with my pal Linda….


I also did some reading at my daughter’s school, had some acupuncture, bought a new sewing machine, booked a trip to Spain in August to see my mate Sally, had a pedicure, drank too much wine and annoyed PP (poor Pauly)

But PP never looks annoyed which is how he has managed to live with me successfully for the last 16 years! The next photo is me being annoying…………..



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