raindrops on hosta……& whiskers on kittens

I have this gigantic hosta that lives in a pot outside my back door. It always fascinates me that over winter it dies down to nothing and with no feeding or attention without fail, every May, green spikes appear and unravel into the most amazing leaves that make you smile even when it’s raining, as they look so beautiful sprinkled with droplets of water….

I’m exhausted today having spent Friday at Tavistock Vintage, Saturday at Crikey it’s Vintage, Sunday at a BBQ, Monday at the barn dance and picnic on the green outside The Thatched Tavern and yesterday in Teignmouth for lunch. We’ve had various friends and children overnight, no long lazy lie-ins and too much red wine…..all which makes for a grumpy Sam!

I didn’t even attempt to go to the Jubilee Street Market in Shaldon yesterday, what with the rain pouring down and no gazebo,  lunch with friends seemed a much nicer option, so we all snuggled up in The Beachcomber Cafe in Teignmouth with lasagne & chips and watched the waves crashing onto the beach then fed our two pence pieces into the machines on the pier before our lovely friends headed back up country, to Beaconsfield.

Today was supposed to be spent packing for a camping trip to Bude tomorrow but I’ve had to reschedule due to the rain! Although the sun has decided to poke through the clouds this afternoon, Thursday & Friday aren’t looking good…..some home cooking, a few DVD’s & a comfortable bed is my recipe for rain!

I have just received an email about a Vintage Interior Design Fair in Plymouth on September 1st which sounds exciting, I’m always up for a new opportunity to sell my candles and as I’ve yet to do anything in Plymouth I think I might try it. “All things Vintage & Lovely…” will also be taking place in Plymouth Guildhall on September 29th so WATCH OUT PLYMOUTH here I come….

Finally, I found this gorgeous 1970’s set of china the other day….what d’you think? It will have been transormed into beautiful candles by the time July 1st comes along, which is my next fair in Topsham, run by The Craft Hub, see you there….xxx


Couldn’t resist this pair of 1950’s kittens I spotted at a Vintage Fair the other day – especially as I also have two black cats which are equally as cute (but make more mess!)


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