Keeping some Christmas….

…it is a source of amusement in our house that each Christmas, Mum (that’s me!) leaves something displayed that she can’t quite bear to pack away. In previous years it has been strings of fairy lights, a giant wreath (which I have managed to sguidge – is this a word? – my Kirsty Elson tree decorations into this year)

Hmmm…pic looks a little blurry, oh well. This time it is a white wreath which remains hanging on the lounge wall…I think I can get away with it don’t you?

and some red berry lights which are draped over a mirror in the dining room (the mirror hides a huge hole waiting for a log burner – when we find some dosh!)

in twenty years time the house will be permanently decorated for Christmas! Heehee! My lovely pal Helene got me this vintage towel for Christmas (from a Chazza of course) for the princely sum of £1.49 (she told me the price as she knew I would get as much pleasure from the bargain as the gift itself!) It was in it’s original, faded Christy packaging & must have been loitering in someones bottom drawer for 60 years!

I have just excitedly ripped open another package from the talented Fee (Chipper Nelly) but can’t post pic as it’s a pressie for my mate Nikki, who has just had her first baby (Harvey) & I’m not sure whether or not she reads my blog…don’t want to ruin the surprise…pic to follow shortly. Congratulations Nikki & David (just in case). Candle orders are coming in thick and fast and I am booking a few fairs for 2013, my first one is Tavistock Vintage & Textile Fair on Feb 9th followed by The Vintage Bazaar at Devizes on March 2nd and “All things Vintage & lovely” at The Palace Hotel, Torquay on March 16th.

I have managed to get my cupboard painted, add to my collection of pickled onion jars and find a pair of 1960’s white cats (chazza bargain…99p each!) and it’s only January 11th. Get me! So nice to be feeling well again after 3 months of sickness, I’m ready to conquer the world, well…maybe not the world, think I’ll start with my house!

Ending on a sad note I have just had word that the (wonderful) Craft Hub is no more…..boohoo…….(feeling like middle onion) I’ll miss the lovely Pip & Han and big respect to them for raising the profile of many talented crafters in the South West, thank you ladies x

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