Spain, Bude, Bath……& candles!

Life is a whizzing by at the moment, in a flurry of friends, family, travel & candles (not enough creating of the latter I might add!)  Since my last post, far too long ago, I have managed (amazingly) to spend a day with my family in the sun on the beach! I bid farewell to my Aunt who returned to her life in Canada after a four week visit, the girls and I had a trip to the hairdressers – & I came out looking quite posh I might add!

I’ve been to Spain to see one of my oldest, dearest pal’s for 6 nights on my own, which was wonderful (thanks Sally!) I returned to the UK just in time for my daughters 11th birthday (which we celebrated on the water-slides at Quay West) and to an acceptance email from Country Living to stall at their Christmas show. After further investigation I decided not to do it though, as it is such a huge expense I will need months to make up the stock – hopefully I can do it next year instead, and be better prepared……I did get a lovely reply about how disappointed they were and as soon as the bookings open for next Christmas they’ll be in touch so fingers crossed.

I’ve done a vintage fair in Devonport Guildhall which was worth a visit just to see the gorgeous venue and to catch up with Teresa from Willapark Designs. We had a family 2 night camp at Wooda Farm in Bude (excellent site, clean and friendly) and the day after the kids went back (both mine are at Secondary now – shock, horror!) I drove to Bath for a 2 day catch up with family and friends, and to relieve one of those friends of a vast collection of jelly moulds that she had been collecting for me for the past 14 months! Thank you Valie!

I’m currently cleaning and packing away the huge haul and preparing for “Crikey it’s Vintage” on Saturday in Exeter. I also have 3 orders on the go and all my Christmas stock to start making so on that note……….

didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to…Bude