Well hello 2013

Cannot believe it is Jan 1st already! What a busy bee I’ve been….Christmas lunch went without a hitch (there were nine of us in all) My positivity didn’t work on the old health front and I’m still on the anti-biotics BUT never fear….I have ordered a heavy duty juicer and plan to blast my health with a January full of liquid goodnes (and terrible wind no doubt!)

Poor Pauly’s approach to good health involves a dip in the sea every Friday with his pal Nige.  Not a wetsuit between them, they brave the freezing waves…..here they are joining in the annual Maidencombe Christmas Day run into the sea

Now, I know what you’re thinking……

How did Helene and I manage to end up with such gorgeous, muscular menfolk in our lives?

Well……Lady luck shone down on us didn’t she?

Here are all the other mad folk of Maidencombe who ran in and then ran out again rather swiftly whilst PP & Nige just swam off into the distance (them being used to it and all) like it was the middle of a hot August day (not that I can remember what one of those is…!)

My girls – trying to look happy sitting on a rock in the rain on Christmas Day, I don’t think they would have joined us if it wasn’t for their new Jack Wills umbrella being able to get an airing! Then off we went to Shaldon on Boxing Day for the annual 3 legged race and guess what????  It rained!

We spent the 27th watching all the things we had recorded (in our pj’s – yay!) On the 28th we went to visit Granny Valie in Hardwick Village for a sleepover. Popped over to visit mad neighbour Deb’s (and get my coffee fix) on the 29th – imagine not having real coffee in the house Granny Valie…..epic FAIL (heehee) then off to Brum to visit the in-laws, drink Champagne, see Life of Pi in 3D (Fantastic and just as good as the book!) a bit of retail therapy in Selfridges and it was time to come home to Devon!

This is my gorgeous nextdoor neighbour (and great pal) in a rather fetching wetsuit,  what d’you think….?  And to get her back for buying a new house and leaving my side in 2013 I’m putting her dashing gorgeousness on my blog, heehee! Wishing you all love & laughter in the year ahead,

Sam x

(and I didn’t even mention candles!)