It’s day five in the big detox house…

well…haven’t been able to blog as I’ve been moping around like a desperate drug addict all week, having been deprived of sugar, caffeine, carbs and alcohol since Monday morning! I’m not totally sure that getting rid of my belly is actually worth getting rid of my life, but hey ho!

Been falling (literally) into bed earlier and earlier with lack of energy, all be it false energy, it was 8.30pm last night!  And I’m supposed to keep this up for 14 days……………..roll on Vodka Redbull.

Ben's attempt at photography....not bad Ben

Sam's attempt at photography....not as good as yours Ben!

Peagreen has experienced a severe lack of commitment this week (sorry Ben) but I did manage to sort out the order for our marvellous stickers (it’s all about branding you know) and hunt down another 2 vintage glass jelly moulds for candle making and join the Craft Hub and book a table at their October 30th fair and their December 11th Christmas fair, so I don’t think I’ve done too badly!?  On their website you can now see one of our gorgeous 1950’s kitchen chairs, repainted in F&B French Gray with a newly covered Cath Kidston oilcloth seat (which will be available to buy on the website soon, well as soon as Paul pulls his finger out!)  Also some good news on the photo front, a very talented photographer, Mike Evans, who lives in the village, has agreed to do some snaps – yippee!  That’s let brother Luke off the hook for a while, (also a photographer)  Just had word that he’ll be down from London for Christmas,  roll on party time!

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