Chocolate cake…..

okay…..I was feeling slightly better today as due to extreme nature of diet the weight seems to be falling off at a reasonable pace.  Then I remembered that I had promised my daughters I would make them a soggy chocolate brownie cake that involved dirtying my hands with such nasties as chocolate, sugar and butter!  Talk about needing an iron will!  I nearly had to lie down as a result of throwing those dripping utensils into the washing up bowl without so much as a lick!  And predictably,  they both shovelled it in for pudding – topped with loads of Madagascan Vanilla Cream – without so much as a “thanks Mum”,  and all I had to distract me was a…………wait for it…………….. ham and “light” cheddar cheese omelette!   All night the cake has been talking to me,  from behind it’s great glass dome and  now,  at 41,  I can fully appreciate what those poor kids  had to endure in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory that day………….it was based on a true story wasn’t it?  And I bet they all behaved so appallingly because their parents had them on carbohydrate free diets!

It’s great how things fall into place as you get older isn’t it? All of a sudden the penny drops, like when I was watching Mamma Mia & realised that I’d spent the last thirty years singing the wrong lyrics to Abba songs and then the morning after my 40th, when I realised that the mature, articulate grown up I was expecting to take over was never going to come!  And now I’m “old” and my kids are singing the wrong lyrics (and they are the wrong lyrics, because they are re-worked dance tracks that I used to listen to twenty years ago!) but what do I know?  I’m just their Mum………

………….I find this mantra helps me in troubled times :

when chocolate cake is calling you and wine whispers your name,

change your focus, something new, play a little game…..

dig out your old dungarees, faded blue with ripped up knees,

turn your ipod onto “rave”,  jump around and misbehave

and if you feel like getting “wasted” or getting “out your head”

remember you’re a grown up,  have some tea and go to bed !!!

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