Made in China…… thanks!

too many plates...

Being a collector of all things vintage, I have decided to put to good use my enormous hoard of plates.  I have,  after much searching,  found a supplier of gorgeous cake stand handles which start off gold and silver and are then sprayed with a matt white enamel and knocked back, creating a distressed finish which fits perfectly with my old plates.

As well as being a vintage magpie,  I am also a shopaholic (mainly for research purposes – honestly!)  Anyway… I am increasingly coming across shiny, new cake-stands which yes,  you’ve guessed it,  are made in China.  Why do that?  Mass produce perfect,  floral cake-stands when you could probably fill Wembley Stadium with all the unwanted plates in the UK? And they seem to be so sought after at the moment.  So, we are going to add to our range of candles (hand-poured into vintage finds),  & old furniture (given some new love), cake-stands,  made from lovely vintage plates!   We at Peagreen think that they will fit in very well with our philosophy and will be available to buy soon… watch this space, as one day we will have a fully transactional website.

crying out for cupcakes!

On that note,  Ben and I went to visit our lovely photographer friend Mike Evans today,  in his amazing studio in an old barn,  to arrange our “shoot” which will take place in my house in a couple of weeks’.  Very exciting,  except I’ll have to do loads of cleaning beforehand… not my favourite pastime!

Off to make sock monsters tonight in Exeter – can’t wait!

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