You know you are getting old when you forget that it’s your birthday.  Up I got this morning, absorbed with the knowledge that I have 20 friends coming over this evening and was going to have to spend the day cooking and cleaning.  I struggled to the kettle for my usual pint of strong black coffee and it wasn’t until the girls came down later, with their home made cards, that I remembered why I was having everyone round tonight!

The girls have obviously picked up my poem writing skills (!?) In my card from Meg (age 9 ) was this:

Dear Mum

You are brighter than the sun

You’re so much fun……never glum

Today is your birthday

your very first day of being 42



And in my card from Billie (age 13) was this:

24 today, 42 tomorrow

where does that time go we badly wish to borrow?

You look at the sun with fresh new eyes,

you look at the moon ten times more wise.

I promise sadness will come never,

if you treasure your birthdays for ever and ever!

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