rain, rain go away………..

storm clouds gather.....

YUK – this wet weather is so depressing!  Having  struggled to get through a miserable week camping in The Lizard with my partner, kids and next door neighbours, I return to rain, more rain, a little bit of sun & then more rain… great! It is beautiful down there though, and we got to visit some spectacular places around the Helford river and spend lots of valuable hours at “Roskillys” ice cream farm – every cloud….

Helford Creek

My birthday celebrations went without a hitch, the sun shone (amazing) and I got to relax on my deck with a few close friends, drinking, eating & chatting. It was very civilised in fact. No dancing around the kitchen to “Faithless” at full pelt, armed with a microphone (broom) and spilling red wine all over the floor. I suddenly realised that maybe I had “grown up” this sobering thought lasted a mere couple of weeks until I went to see ” the inbetweeners movie ” where I sat chuckling away like a 17-year-old, longing to go back to those days when you could blame your outrageous behaviour on the fact that you were a teenager and get away with just about anything! I do think that village life would be so much more fun with a few more Jays, Simons, Neils and Wills – come on, I know you’re out there….


On the work front there isn’t much going on apart from restocking all my crates ready for the Autumn fair on October 9th in Topsham.  I have just had an email about a Christmas Craft Market, due to take place in Shaldon on the 1st and 8th of December which sounds like a fantastic idea (details to follow) and The Craft Hub Christmas Fair will be on December 11th, also in Topsham. Devon Life are doing an article on The Craft Hub and I was asked to provide some “peagreen” information, which is exciting but I’m not sure which issue – November I imagine…?  Anyway, I’m off to make some candles and wait patiently for some sunshine. The weather looks better tomorrow………


One day of sunshine at the St. Ives park and ride


boats at Cadgwith Cove

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