yet again I have proved myself to be too old for the party lifestyle, having spent Friday night out in a bar in Teignmouth to see my friend’s band Bad Mojo – they were very good btw, and then had four couples for dinner on Saturday night (lovely – but the last guests left at 3am!) I have spent all week with a yukky cold, that’ll teach me!

Up to my eyes in orders and Christmas fairs this is not a good time to be feeling unwell & my poor friend (lovely Lucy) who drove all the way here on Wednesday for a 24 hour visit had to endure me slopping around in my p-j’s…not a good look!

Anyway, I have managed to get some crates full of Christmassy scented candles ready for the Vintage fair in Totnes tomorrow, complete an order of teacup candles for Claire at Good Golly Miss Molly in Exeter, to be delivered next week & have nearly finished a Christmas order for my friend Charlotte up in Scotland so don’t think I’ve done too badly considering….

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