Still ill….

this week I have been mostly

a) Getting cross with this cold, which is into it’s third week…most annoying!

b) Having my artistic integrity compromised (by a so called friend who bought a load of candles from me then 2 months later decided to start her own candle business, pouring soya candles into vintage items such as jelly moulds!)

c) Sleeping (in an attempt to get rid of my cold)

d) Eating (no change there) in an attempt to get some energy from somewhere other than huge hits of caffeine from too strong black coffee!

e) Sulking – because “Revenge” has finished and I was loving it! Got to wait until 2013 for the next series….


f) Making candles – surprise, surprise!

I found these gorgeous old spice jars in a charity shop for 50p each – yay! My lovely Christmas ribbons arrived from The Netherlands…..

the picture is slightly blurred, sorry about that. And I have been making my jam-jar candles look a bit sexier. What do you think? They have not been on sale for a while whilst I devised a way to get the tags to stay on (they were tied on with string and kept falling off!) I think the operation was a success, with some nice 1950’s ribbon purchased at The Nostalgic Mix Fair in Totnes last weekend…

My next fair is on Saturday in Exminster, I haven’t done it before but it has been running for a while and is supposed to be a great day out… see you there?

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