yuk….and candles!

I simply cannot believe that I am still feeling yukky and into my fifth week of this lurgy! Having downed nearly a whole bottle of Floradix and two tubes of Berocca, cancelled numerous “engagements” and hit the sack every night before 10pm it is still keeping me company! And it is unwanted company! At my most hectic time of year I have no energy and a comedy cough, thankfully I work from home and can plod around my kitchen in my pj’s fulfilling my candle orders or I would really be in a pickle!

I have dragged myself to the last couple of fairs that I had booked, Exminster Contemporary Craft Fair on October 27th was brilliant, vibrant and buzzing with a great atmosphere, loyal locals doing their Christmas shopping and a great cafe adjoining Victory Hall. Well done Kay and everyone involved.

Above is my stall at Tavistock Vintage & Textile Fair last Saturday with my new sign, made from an old Fisher Price farm which I glued scrabble letters on to – I think it’s quite effective don’t you? It was another really busy day at Tavi and I am now madly making again for Portscatho Homespun fair on November 18th.

I love these huge Victorian ceramic moulds, some of them hold up to two pints of wax and will keep the room feeling festive and scented for up to 150 hours – I think they are a bargain at £25 when you think what a tiny designer votive costs (£30-£40!!!) I don’t sell that many though and would appreciate your thoughts/feedback….


Since the “candle scandal” I have been blocked from my “friends” facebook page, where she is happily copying every single aspect of Peagreen and thinks that it’s acceptable, as she is “halfway up the country”.  Everyone obviously loves a scandal as I had 200 hits on my website that day and 3 big orders, heehee! Good luck to her and her lack of imagination! Speaking of orders I have just had one come in for 10 jelly moulds so must dash…and I feel a bowl of Heinz tomato soup coming on…

One thought on “yuk….and candles!

  1. I love your new sign, it is so creative and so cute!
    I am so sorry that some one is copying your ideas in every way, it is devastating knowing someone who has to steal other peoples ideas can actually still sleep at night.

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