Catching up…….

I don’t mean to sound negative (PP says I walk around with a little cloud of negativity hanging over my head) but I’ll be glad when 2013 is over! Although a good year for Peagreen my little family has been in tatters since June 18th when my lovely Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We lost her on August 30th…


Nobody loves you the way your Mum does and it’s a terrible feeling when she is no longer around for kisses and cuddles and phone-calls…..if you are lucky enough to still have your Mum make sure you do all three, regularly! The photo below is of me and my Dad the following day (August 31st) also my daughter’s 12th birthday, putting a brave face on and hiding our puffy eyes behind matching Aviator shades!


I think we pulled it off don’t you?

So, needless to say, I have lots of catching up to do. I managed to fulfill a huge wholesale jelly mould candle order (40 – yikes!) and did a very busy fair in Hampshire (The Vintage Bazaar) and another in Plymouth (All things Vintage & lovely) during September. I am now cracking on with Christmas stock & have some lovely new scents (pomegranate – yum) and being a fan of all things nutty, have overdone it a bit with Cinnamon Toasted Almonds (gorgeous) Amaretto (just like the alcoholic version) and Oats, Milk & Honey (which I haven’t gotten around to making yet but it smells fab and a bit like marzipan)


These are some “gingerbread” candles in little retro coffee cups which I rather like, but customers never seem to go for this kind of stuff – why is that? Answers on a postcard please……

This is my next fair which looks to be a great day out and means I have three weeks to get cracking with the candle making! One of the things I really need to do is get myself on Twitter (having finally got my head around pinterest) I will set myself that task to do by the time I next blog…..


My two with their gorgeous Grandad on Meg’s birthday at (Pier Point in Torquay) People say that during troubled times you find out who your real friends are and I have never felt more loved and supported than I did this Summer – you know who you are, and thank you x


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  1. I have just read this with tears in my eyes…I didn’t know you had lost your mum…I am so sorry. Your positivity is inspirational and I hope many people read your words and take comfort from them as have I. I felt I had joined a club when my mum died as I discovered folk who understood how amazingly lonely I felt without her and to whom I could talk openly without being judged and without being told to ‘pull myself together’! I am so pleased for you that you have your dad, and for him that he has you. You are a lovely person Sam and thank you for sharing this. xxx

    • Thanks for your lovely words Fenela, it has been a harrowing year but one which has shown me kindness from my friends that I’ll never forget. Hope to see you soon x

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