Mags, bags and Mr Burrell…(& candles of course!)

When I started my little candle journey in 2009, selling a few prototypes in my friend Teresa’s garden at a charity fundraiser, I didn’t expect it to turn into a full-time job, but this is undoubtedly what has happened. Now I’m not complaining, and having done NO marketing, NO promotion & NO advertising (other than attend some of the best vintage fairs around) I am proud that my candles have sold themselves and this year Peagreen was featured in the wonderful “My London Lifestyle” magazine as the perfect Mothers Day gift.

magazine article

I also get a write-up in the “Homes and Antiques” blog (thanks Alice) and get a mention in an interiors magazine (Style at Home) due out on April 2nd (as it includes a little article about my house).

iPhone 020

I hadn’t realised how busy I was until a pending visit from our old friend Charlotte last week sent me into a candle producing frenzy. In order to have enough stock for three big fairs (Crikey it’s Vintage, Vintage at the Village Hall & The Vintage Bazaar) all taking place within eight days, the day after she left, I had to be seriously sorted. Silly selfie with Charlotte…..


I had also had an email from Paul Burrell, who was spending a weekend in Devon and wanted to buy ALL my candles in Royal cups & mugs, so I had to rendezvous with him at A La Ronde (great NT house near Exmouth).

iPhone 034

I met the lovely Helen (The Upcycled Home Co.) with a few candles for her new venture – a beautiful shop in the heart of the Mount Edgecumbe Estate in Cornwall, which opens on April 6th. I popped into “Odds & Suds” with some candles for Jenny, which I had hand-poured into vintage french jars for her. They looked gorgeous actually so if anyone has any that they want to off-load…..?

I had an email from a lovely lady in Torquay who had received one of my candles for Christmas, loved it, and wanted to invite all her friends to a candle party at her house….would I be interested? Yes please said I and it was fantastic! I have since done another one for my gorgeous pal Kat (whos birthday we celebrated in style during a 12 hour session!) this was taken at midnight & I think we look rather well considering we met in Torquay at 1pm, don’t you?

iPhone 033

Kat’s friend Janet has also booked in a party for April 4th. I’m thinking this could be the way forward, mainly because I can drink wine at the same time as selling candles whilst PP does the driving! Below PP (and Billie) yes, he’s driving again!

iPhone 012

As (for once) my business account is looking healthy I treated myself to an iphone 5s (which I am not using to its full potential according to my kids!) I’ll get there…it would help if I had a minute to sit down and have a mess around with it! I also treated myself to a new Mulberry bag (a terrible addiction of mine) I have three already but have sold one to help fund the purchase & ease my feelings of guilt. I figured after the year I’ve had I deserved it…yum…I love it.

bag 001

I’ve been doing lots of walking in order to stay positive since losing my Mum in August. Every day is a battle between my sad and happy feelings, easier to get them into perspective whilst walking in beautiful surroundings. Watcombe beach is a favourite, & almost always deserted….

iPhone 017

I walk with my lovely friend Lou every Monday & however we start off we always return smiling!

iPhone 019

If I’m going for a rare coffee in Shaldon with my pal Tracy (my sister Mabel) I get PP to drop me so I have to walk back to Maidencombe….

iPhone 004

….we used to meet up all the time but it has turned into a bi-annual coffee now, we are both so busy!

iPhone 006

Halfway home there is an entrance to a field where I get a clear view of Teignmouth across the estuary & I imagine my girls working away at school. A few metres on I get a view of Bishopsteignton and can see my Dad’s house, I often stop and wonder what he is doing & hope he isn’t feeling sad….

I had better sign off now as I’m picking him up at 1pm and taking him out for lunch (as usual I’m still in my pj’s at noon) I’m really looking forward to my fair on Saturday as I get to catch up with the gorgeous Kitty who is always good for a giggle. We get to spend the night before with pal’s in Woking & stock up on our favourite wine in Hartley Wintney. I’ll end with a picture of our rescue chickens who are now healthy and HUGE x

iPhone 027


Catching up…….

I don’t mean to sound negative (PP says I walk around with a little cloud of negativity hanging over my head) but I’ll be glad when 2013 is over! Although a good year for Peagreen my little family has been in tatters since June 18th when my lovely Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We lost her on August 30th…


Nobody loves you the way your Mum does and it’s a terrible feeling when she is no longer around for kisses and cuddles and phone-calls…..if you are lucky enough to still have your Mum make sure you do all three, regularly! The photo below is of me and my Dad the following day (August 31st) also my daughter’s 12th birthday, putting a brave face on and hiding our puffy eyes behind matching Aviator shades!


I think we pulled it off don’t you?

So, needless to say, I have lots of catching up to do. I managed to fulfill a huge wholesale jelly mould candle order (40 – yikes!) and did a very busy fair in Hampshire (The Vintage Bazaar) and another in Plymouth (All things Vintage & lovely) during September. I am now cracking on with Christmas stock & have some lovely new scents (pomegranate – yum) and being a fan of all things nutty, have overdone it a bit with Cinnamon Toasted Almonds (gorgeous) Amaretto (just like the alcoholic version) and Oats, Milk & Honey (which I haven’t gotten around to making yet but it smells fab and a bit like marzipan)


These are some “gingerbread” candles in little retro coffee cups which I rather like, but customers never seem to go for this kind of stuff – why is that? Answers on a postcard please……

This is my next fair which looks to be a great day out and means I have three weeks to get cracking with the candle making! One of the things I really need to do is get myself on Twitter (having finally got my head around pinterest) I will set myself that task to do by the time I next blog…..


My two with their gorgeous Grandad on Meg’s birthday at (Pier Point in Torquay) People say that during troubled times you find out who your real friends are and I have never felt more loved and supported than I did this Summer – you know who you are, and thank you x